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z tym arpanetem wcale nie było jak myślicie

was not built for US military. it wasn’t even built to enable survivability of US military infrastructure after nuclear war. there’s a myth in the “internet circles”, that i’m fighting for couple of years already. recently, i was reading great book - Dream Machine. it’s as good as (at least) Dealers of Lightning or 747 - but maybe even better. you probably heard the story already - US gov ordered RAND to check if they could built survivable comms system. Read more →

my home network #1

as you can [easily] guess, i’m networking geek. my home network was thus built with hacking, not with ‘smalles possible footprint’ in mind. it’s great if you can test your “great” ideas before recommending them to anyone, and of course getting feel of new features is also a plus in this case. so, my first assumption was it has to be fast - fiber. both floors are connected with fiber network, that’s aggregated near front door, in the cloakroom. Read more →

gigabits per second thanks to GPU

i was writing about such ideas over two years ago. it seems the concept of offloading packet forwarding from CPU to GPU may have some merits, and if you’re interested in that - take a look at packetshader page. still however, hardware config needed to achieve that kind of performance feat is quite expensive. it demonstrates however that GPU, next to FPGA experiments, can also be viable way forward for PC based packet forwarding/routing. Read more →