OpenSSH under windows 7

working remotely on Windows via Remote Desktop if you’re hanging off GRPS or 3G connectivity somewhere in the mountains (for example) isn’t optimal. as I had to access some such servers remotely. you can find cygwin useful (there’s also VanDyke V-Shell, a bit pricey and for non-commercial use). cygwin package installs UNIX environment, and that - yes - may include OpenSSH plus some tools (like scp for example) you just need to download, and then run installation, selecting cygrunsrv and openssh....

January 8, 2011 · Łukasz Bromirski

ipv6 will play with Big Orchestra

traditionally for last couple of years engineering team at Cisco Poland is taking care of securing infrastructure for Wielkia Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy. this year i decided to launch experimental support for IPv6 - while we were not allowed to move all infrastructure to IPv6, it should be possible next year. everyone that has IPv6 access can point browser to everything works based on reverse-proxy provided by Apache, FreeBSD and Cisco MCS server :)...

January 7, 2011 · Łukasz Bromirski

layer 2 and 3 security - live demo

if you haven’t seen my practical demonstration at SecureCON 2007, you can see extended version on this thursday - i’ll be visiting AGH in Cracow at 7:45pm to do “show & tell” session as part of netWork sessions. session will be extended as we’ll have more time. photos can be found here and more information about the session itself can be found here.

February 20, 2009 · Łukasz Bromirski

DDoS attacks

my article on defending networks from DDoS attacks was just published in online version of NetWorld magazine.

April 26, 2008 · Łukasz Bromirski

SMB bootcamp

6 people responded to my call for a Cisco FAQ PL conversion idea up until today… but unfortunately there are no results so far. well, maybe it’s time to roll up your sleeves and do it yourself … in unrelated, but more optimistic news - a week ago i finished delivering SMB Bootcamp for Cisco partners. there was a lot of work (3 days, 12-14 hours each). you can read a bit about it in the link above on the CCIE....

August 5, 2007 · Łukasz Bromirski

BGP Blackholing PL

i just launched new project - BGP Blackholing PL. i’d like to invite therefore everyone that: is interested in network security is interested in service provider edge security is interested in internet security wants to help actively defend against DoS/DDoS attacks and own network infrastructure wants to learn more about how BGP can be used in internet security …to join over at

June 24, 2005 · Łukasz Bromirski