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apple T2… and new macbook pro

it took me a few hours to figure out the new subtleties. new computers from Apple with a built-in T2 chip (i.e. new iMac Pro and Macbook Pro 2018 edition) have a dedicated operating system protection. what’s the problem? first of all, by default, they can not be booted from an external medium. it’s part of the security that Apple introduced to make it more difficult for a potential hacker. to change this setting, you have to get to the system tools that live on a special ‘recovery’ partition. Read more →

my home network #1

as you can [easily] guess, i’m networking geek. my home network was thus built with hacking, not with ‘smalles possible footprint’ in mind. it’s great if you can test your “great” ideas before recommending them to anyone, and of course getting feel of new features is also a plus in this case. so, my first assumption was it has to be fast - fiber. both floors are connected with fiber network, that’s aggregated near front door, in the cloakroom. Read more →

FreeNAS and Samba - curious case of MacOS

FreeNAS is special edition of tuned-up FreeBSD, with GUI available over WWW to enable easy setup and maintenance. i had to migrate recently my old Synology 1815+ thanks to well known Intel SNAFU with Atom CPUs. interestingly enough, even Synology own service department declined to RMA the NAS, without even discussing the situation. so i managed to setup quickly 12x 3.5” bay server. i had five 3.5” 8TB HDDs from Synology that i wanted to rescue data from. Read more →