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ccde the way it should be :)

i’ve had a opportunity today to take the CCDE exam in London again. accompanied by two fellow SEs and one of the engineers working for Cisco Partner in Poland, we’ve took our chances. and it’s definitely better - feedback works. out of 6 scenarios you work only with 4, split statically by 2 for before and after the lunch. questions are more to the point, and there’s less of text to look for information from. Read more →

CCDE, or how to design a network… or six of them

today I’ve met CCDE exam heads-on in London. it’s a new one at the Expert level, focusing on designing and redesigning of the networks - according to the virtual needs of virtual customers. after the Networkers CCDE presentation delivered by one of the authors of the CCDE program - Russ White - it’s hard to expect anything different than what they say. it’s very focused on “why”, and “how” is touched only in some generic terms. Read more →

ccie service provider

i came back yesterday from Brussels and today at 5:30am the verdict is - definitely “PASS :) so… let me share some advice and tips for those of you preparing to take CCIE SP practical exam (without breaking NDA of course). first of all - if you have that luxury of training on any software version - please try to check with the current Cisco page and align. software is quite “specific”, and you may be hit with interesting behavior that may be a little bit different from the newer versions. Read more →