it’s interesting to see proposal submitted by two “freedom stars” of authoritarian China - Huawei and China Telecom to ITU. on the surface the proposal clearly speaks about future societal needs and development of new, improved technologies that - in the process - would make current IP obsolete. it’s easy to see however that first of all the proposal contains a lot of old ideas that are already implemented (LISP, mobile IP and IPv6 itself just to name a few). in addition, it puts a lot of emphasis on “security” - with authentication of users being center idea. all while touting “decentralization” and “strong trust relationships”. while technical merits of the proposal itself are weak and often misguided (look for yourself - proposal is here and the IETF answer here), I can’t help to wonder: how can companies that are known from being engaged in stealing intellectual property and hijacking internet traffic are at the same time the ones proposing such changes? just to make a point maybe?

don’t get me wrong here - I’m all after developing new ideas, improving our technology and making it more secure. and I don’t like everything in our current soup of technologies mixed together. but just asking for discussion when you have little to offer on technical ground, and a lot of reputation problems in the background, begs a question - are you really thinking about taking society forward, or just to make sure no one can publish content your steering committee consisting of Communist Party of China, Central People’s Government and People’s Liberation Army simply doesn’t like?