“Cisco eats in own dog food” or as you may elite-write-it: c15c0 d06 f00d. we announced participation in ISOC IPv6 day as a first vendor. some parts of our infrastructure serve IPv6 natively, but that’s a great opportunity to test it at scale - including hardware and software for systems that’s used for our internal and Customer services. among other things we’re testing AnyConnect 3.0 with native IPv6 support (public version is going to be available in couple of months), ACE 3.0 service cards for load-balancing, and firewall systems (ASA-SM service cards and ASA 5585-X).

also, we’re organizing event in our local, Cisco Systems Poland office. dedicated to IPv6 it will cover technology and services that can run over it. we’re also planning hands-on workshops in upcoming PLNOG and EURONOG conferences.

happy camping around IPv6 - today, tomorrow and in future. and if you lack IPv6 from your provider - ask questions and push for implementation!