WD was recently caught red-handed on trying to sell HDDs to NAS duties that use SMR technology without informing about it (and, actually, by actively trying to misled customers and then silence the whole situation). that ended up in lawsuit. while others were also caught trying to do similar things, they backed up immediately, while WD still tried to say that “white is black, you know, really”.

technology is amazing. i already wrote about it some time ago. WD honesty just got tested again from pretty unexpected direction - by using microphone. it seems that WD disks sold as 5400rpm (revolutions per minute), and reporting its work as 5400rpm via S.M.A.R.T. - in reality revolve with speed of 7200rpm.

vague WD PR clarifications only make matters worse.

lie is a lie. not ‘other version of events’ or ‘other classification’.

why i’m writing about it? because i just bought four 12TB HDDs from this vendor and the last thing i thought about doing was to have to recheck all technical specifications. apparently using microphone, because you can’t trust the specification itself, neither S.M.A.R.T. interface that’s knowingly feeding you wrong data. from 5G-COVID idiots, chemtrail and flat earth conspiracy theorists to people believing that their opinion is worth more than facts - we’ve come to this. those are the times we’re living in.