…so I decided to use youtube to find my favorite Monty Python series, Program will resume soon (quite specific Polish series - BTW, never published on DVD!). i was also able to find archive of our old polish IT magazines - Bajtek, Top Secret and Secret Service. my own archive, collected over years and protected from everyone fell prey one day to suprise ‘cleaning’ organized in the basement where it was stored. i’m still looking for Gambler and Komputer magazines. i strongly believe that there’s no comparision between those articles and magazines that you’ve read from first to last page and todays worthless ‘magazines’ that compete with number of colorful photos and zero interesting content.

i also bought myself BF4. it’s absolut s$t. single player story is banal, multi just like with BF3 is unplayable. on the other side, graphics is top notch… but no. it’s simply repelling. i’m waiting for COD Ghosts, believing that single player will be good as always (and multi… well).

last but not least - blackholing - i just finished upgrading equipment in next site, and our PLNOG friends launched sp-sec@ and sp-sec-discuss@. things are going well :)