in 2002 it was calculated that to reach closest star (Proxima Centauri), multigenerational crew would need to start with at least 150 to 180 men and women. latest simulations show however, that to guarantee gen variance you’d need to take between 10000 and 40000 people onboard. it would be interesting to see how those plans will end up - we will stay on Earth until Sun burns out, we’ll kill each other or maybe we’ll start finally intergalactic travels?

in completely unrelated news, it’s interesting to see how SCADA system vendors prefer security by obscurity, by not sharing any information and documentation. they’re still getting owned, and they will be owned until they finally start to follow best practices. it would be fair to assume, that because of massive vulnerability landscape in those systems, the fact that they didn’t yet migrate to IP is the only thing that keeps them running.

and yeah, you can login to Microsoft XBox console Live network using spaces instead of password… we all make mistakes with security, but the way Microsoft is approaching security for the last two decades is anything but good. it’s depressing that in this case ‘vote using your wallet’ doesn’t work so well as we’d like.