weekend at countryside kind of suprised me… :)

so, Cisco 887VAGW+7-E-K9, a little configuration and here we are.

chat-script gsm "" "AT!SCACT=1,1" TIMEOUT 15 "OK"
interface Cellular0
 ip address negotiated
 ip nat outside
 ip virtual-reassembly in
 encapsulation slip
 load-interval 30
 dialer in-band
 dialer idle-timeout 300
 dialer string gsm
 dialer-group 1
 async mode interactive
ip nat translation timeout 60
ip route Cellular0
dialer-list 1 protocol ip permit
line 3
 exec-timeout 0 0
 script dialer gsm
 modem InOut

you’d need to configure profile however. as i didn’t have SIM card and i had poor experience with Orange in Poland, i decided to try challenger - Plus. they had a small sales office in nearby city.

how educated the lady was! i was almost ashamed that not only she understood that SIM card can be used in routers, but she also new nearest BTS locations as well as frequencies!

unfortunately, there’s one single problem - in Plus to verify your limits, you have to receive SMS. of course i don’t like to remove SIM card, put it into my phone just to send and receive SMS… it seems our routers already support SMS operations from CLI:

router#cellular 0 gsm sms view all
TIME: 15/05/23 09:21:48
FROM: ^@^\%#
SIZE: 30
Plus online: Session password is 14436

and this is the way it should work! by the way, RSSI also suprised me - thanks to the network, average ping time was 60ms!

router#show cel 0 radio
Radio Information

Radio power mode = ON
Current Band = WCDMA 900, Channel Number = 2963
Current RSSI = -81 dBm
Band Selected = Auto
Number of nearby cells = 2
Cell 1
	Primary Scrambling Code = 0x1A7
	RSCP = -92 dBm, ECIO = -16 dBm

Cell 2
	Primary Scrambling Code = 0x1A9
	RSCP = -94 dBm, ECIO = -11 dBm