it seems that F-35 can’t end it’s failure series. despite GAO audits, model of building military equipment for biggest army in the world didn’t change a bit since end of second world war. they’re still ordering and building things that will bring maximum revenue to military vendors and not what military customers actually need.

i immediately got back to one of the articles i’ve read recently in ACM Queue - responsive enterprise: embracing the hacker way. it’s great piece and synthezies todays world - not only corporations are dinosaurs of our current times. a big portion of industry is. on normal market, companies that can adapt or use feedback loop tu build better and better products thrive. and those, who need years and still are not able to produce competitive products should vanish in history books.

in terms of reading and my books (which essentially block already space all around my desk), i asked Santa to bring me Kindle Whitepaper after reading this article. interesting tool, indeed less wearing to your eyes than iPad. it’s been two days already and battery still holds. now, if only Amazon would let me get Kindle version of all of the books I already bought from them…

and if we’re talking books, it’s sad that unfortunately our polish game magazine Secret Service won’t survive on the market after only two editions. instead, there may be new magazine - Pixel. well… and i almost invested in crowdfunding campaign that Secret Service guys were running.

so - i’m listening to latest Seether album from i just finished exchanging my two 27" Apple Thunderbolt screens to two 4k iiyama B2888UHSU-B1. in scaled 2560x1440 mode they look beautiful, full 4k mode is simply too small for my eyes. did anyone played already with

after cleaning, it would be good to take care about security as well ;)