for a moment, let’s assume those are rumblings of man worn out by pulling couple of all-nighters in one row.

we have to assume that security intelligence services will want to listen to everything and everywhere. that includes NSA sniffing all traffic in major interconnection points at largest service providers. and, obviously - we don’t like it.

why we can’t get back to original idea, that all point to point communication should be protected by IPsec (ALL COMMUNICATION). widely deployed IPv6 with devices that will support it makes this possible. the fact that nowadays even small devices can encrypt traffic at very high speeds helps. one of the less known IPsec discussions before standarization, was idea that nodes using IPsec should constantly generate traffic - but not exceeding available link bandwidth (to avoid buffer bloat). service providers generally removed data caps (apart from mobile operators - which may change after migration to LTE). our sniffers can’t record all of this traffic, and decrypting IPsec traffic is unfeasible to say the least. you can’t also selectively record, as all is encrypted. will intelligence agencies have money and power to break AES? well, not now, but let’s say it will be possible in near future. but your idle device is anyway generating gigabytes of random connections to fill up the link (of course there’s question of how analytics and statistical traffic monitoring can help select only interesting pairs, but given programmers invention i bet it’s doable with some level of effort).

what can intelligence services do? look for source of traffic, and that means more search warrants. on the other hand, with companies eagerly moving to cloud that would make gathering the traffic much easier. how many cloud operators we will have in 5-10 years? thousands, millions or rather 3-4? how many traffic they’ll push through? with proper obfuscation making any sense out of this mess would be multi-century journey.

but then, we will drown in digital trash.

so, it would be nice if somebody actually said ’enough’ and stop this noise? maybe instead of generating terabytes of digital trash daily by ranting on anonymous forums or sharing sweet photos so artificial it hurts just to glance - humanity would step forward and actually stop this madness before it’s too late? let’s get back to times where communication actually transferred some content. valuable, true and useful information. and searching for that was very easy, without standing to the knees in cesspool of human ‘creativity’?

well well - wasn’t this predicted already by Stanisław Lem? yeah, it was.

so… let’s assume those are rumblings of man worn out by pulling couple of all-nighters in one row.