Bose QC35

i was travelling recently to US and back, essentially sitting for a 10+ hours in planes each way.

i decided to invest in myself, and bought myself a gadget - my friend praised it years ago.

i’m talking about active noise cancelling headphones - Bose QC35.

after 10 hours of listening to music and podcasts and NOT listening to engines, people, coughing, snoring and other traditional noises during transatlantic flight… i have to say, this is technology that really makes a difference. and battery was still at 60% full!

contrast this with other areas - i was watching recently iPhone 7 and 7 Plus premiere. i couldn’t help to notice that both Apple and Samsung stopped driving battery development. of course, our smartphones are more powerful and “smarter”… but so what? software is bloated and could run while using less CPU power, and we already kind of accept the fact that we have to charge our phones over night.

i still remember the times when my company Nokia 6310 was able to hold battery for 8 to 10 days and alarm (if set) was able to ring still when nominally phone ran out of power. that was by the way nasty suprise when i switched to BlackBeryy and… there was nothing to wake me up in the morning.

so - dear phone makers - make battery last for days. you’ll be able to close your eyes and listen to the music for over 12 hours, without thinking about charging anything. and then - who knows?