in a month from now, we’ll be launching first edition of PLNOG conference. we’re working to deliver a lot of interesting sessions. apart from many abroad presenters, we’ll host also our own, polish specialists. you’ll have a chance to meet Wojtek Apel (3S), Tomasz Paszkowski ( and Marcin Mazurek ( somewhere in the agenda there’s also my session about MPLS Traffic Engineering. before that, on Saturday and Sunday, I’ll deliver hands-on workshops on BGP and MPLS. each willing participant will work on his/her own pod full of virtual Cisco IOS devices.

we designed the conference to be a place to meet networking geeks, and discuss networking things - so it’s open to engineers and architects, as we focus on deep dive, technical content. it’s enough just to glance the agenda to understand this is not another conference about “products and solutions”, but rather, in true spirit of NOGs - as practical as we can make it.

see you there!