i’d like to thank everyone that was part of last PLNOG edition. we introduced education track - that was your idea, voiced in chats and in surveys. it seems that the idea was right, so on september PLNOG edition we’ll continue with MPLS and QoS.

also according to announcements, we did joint session with Rafał about architecture of ethernet switches and IP routers. i hope you liked it. we still miss real life use case sessions provided by you - service providers. we’ll gladly make room for both success stories as well as failure talks - everything that can be useful for others.

one thing that was not ideal was sponsorship sessions, but we’re still trying to make it right by being creative with options. for those sessions where marketing killed the messaging, we’ll make adjustments for reputation.

we are also looking for any feedback you can share - what was good, what wasn’t and what should stay exactly how it was this time.

traditionally, look for my presentations here. see you in september :)