fifth PLNOG edition is coming in on 21st and 22nd of october this year. this time we’ll have Merike Kaeo delivering keynote session. her topic of choice? security - suprising, isn’t it? :P

as you can imagine we’re buttoning up agenda and it will be published soon. in the meantime, we already have over 200 attendees registered, which is great result given you still don’t know what you’ll be able to see :)

as always, we’re trying to make PLNOG experience as much entertaining as it can be. we’ll be conducting number of workshops like on previous editions. i’ll do hands-on workshops about IP security for Service Providers, multicasts, Practical BGP use and MPLS deployment basics. my friend, CCIE engineer from the service provider team here at Cisco that I’m leader of - Piotr Jabłoński - will deliver similar workshops about deploying IPv6 in Service Provider networks and Advanced BGP deployment.

please join us, as this is great place to discuss various technologies - and lab some of them live if needed :)