during upcoming PLNOG i’ll cover two relatively new features available in Cisco gear.

LISP which stands for Locator/ID SPlit is first, deployed and available both commercially and as open source code) solution that can enable internet to scale out without further growth of routing table size. it also brings advanced traffic engineering capabilities to pure IP networks. LISP was invented and is being actively developed by Cisco employees, working in different teams across research and development departaments. architecture itself is however open and fully documented. it’s very universal, and provides additional ability to merge IPv4 and IPv6 or provide seamless coexistence. it also supports multicast. LISP is not only interesting tool or vendor trick, right now it is being used by Google and Facebook. what’s actually interesting in Facebook case, during last major outage of interatlantic links, some of the internet accessing Facebook was accessing it over LISP proxy http://www.lisp4.facebook.com - in fully transparent, and essentially invisible for typical user way. LISP is also obviously used by Cisco and being integrated into our products.

and SIDR, which is long discussed mechanism to secure interdomain routing, provides ability to authenticate routing information. properly used it also has ability to stop spoofing and hijacking prefixes in Internet. will this come into effect for all of us? it depends on all service providers and internet connected entities deploying it and routing or not based on SIDR data. starting with 1 january of 2011 all RIRs will offer ability to sign your own prefixes. after that, you can create ROA object in RIR databases and verify not only prefix itself, but also origin BGP ASN. during my session i’ll cover both theory and practical examples.

see you there!