when GUI export fails...

…you have to get back to good old CLI. i’m trying to export VM from very remote VMware vSphere 5.1 to OVA. unfortunately, packing 40GB is not apparently easy, as the whole process fails at different stages with error called by VMware simply timeout (yeah, kudos for brevity). so you have to enable SSH and then copy whole directory with SCP. for optimal transfer from remote location it make sense to use additional parameters: -C and -o CompressionLevel=9 to get locally fully functional and packed OVA: scp -C -o CompressionLevel=9 xyz@zdalne_IP:/vmfs/volumes/very-long-uuid-string/vm_name/\* ....

April 6, 2013 · Łukasz Bromirski

IP network security

next thursday, april 11th, i’ll be visiting Warsaw University on invitation from Maciej Broniarz to have a chat about security from service provider point of view. note it will be mechnism and best practice related talk, not vendor pitch. i’ll mention blackholing as well ;) i may have some gadgets and freebies to give away - so please prepare good questions and see you there!

April 3, 2013 · Łukasz Bromirski


last CloudFlare DDoS demonstrated, that 300Gbps is no longer some magic barrier for attackers. given such throughput, you can easily drop country like Poland from Internet. of course, immediately such concepts like ‘critical infrastructure’, country financial stability come to mind. i’ll be one of the panelists of RIPE 66 meeting dedicated to BCP 38. it’s one of the things (implementing BCP38!) that you just have to do, to make sure internet is safer....

March 28, 2013 · Łukasz Bromirski

linux and routing

i’ve just stumbled upon this gem - it’s hard to find these days such well aggregated and summarized information.

February 25, 2013 · Łukasz Bromirski


as you probably know already, next, jubilee edition of PLNOG is just around the corner. apart from stand and presentations, we’re be there with extended team to discuss our new products and solutions. and traditionally, we’ll also conduct couple of workshops for people interested in Cisco solutions: Advanced BGP workshops Deploying IPv6 MPLS basics one novelty we’ll offer is first of a kind offering in Poland - service provider design workshop....

January 18, 2013 · Łukasz Bromirski

"i don't understant, but will critize anyway"...

i’ve stumbled upon an article of Michael Leonard from Juniper. he decided to take a stab at LISP. i usually call such articles with the title of this post, and the article mentioned is all about it. while we’re discussing in open forums with engineers and architects from Juniper, and in most of them we actually do cooperate - including in LISP, which author doesn’t seem to even know about - it’s sad to look at people who believe attacking competition is everything they should do in life....

January 13, 2013 · Łukasz Bromirski

ITU and internet

it seems that EU has made a reasonable choice to oppose ITU’s taking control over internet. consequences of handing over real control over future of internet to entity that’s slowly sliding into oblivion and has hardly any real influence on the development of technology are not hard to imagine.

November 24, 2012 · Łukasz Bromirski


amazing sweet photo. you can watch this until you drop dead, looking for all details. and this landscape in the background…

November 3, 2012 · Łukasz Bromirski

IOS shell

if you haven’t noticed by now, in the IOS 15M line we introduced IOS shell. firing it up is just as easy as doing: C2#conf t C2(config)#shell processing full now you have new, UNIX-like commands and options to chain them, including nested grep. C2#sh running-config | wc -l 163 C2#sh running-config | grep ip | grep 2001 ipv6 address 2001:DB8:10::10:254/64 ipv6 route ::/0 2001:DB8:10::10:1 if you by now are fun of such capabilities, having been working with IOS XR - it’s a nice touch :)

October 29, 2012 · Łukasz Bromirski

Cisco SECURE - 22/23 november

we’re back with Cisco security focused conference in the fall. during Cisco SECURE 2012 we’ll try to demonstrate you the whole security architecture. during two full days of presentations, we’ll try to showcase you all interesting bits and pieces from our portfolio. we already have agenda up, and i’ll be happy to present along Gaweł our security solutions for cloud and data centers - including CSR 1000v, ASAv and other interesting products....

September 23, 2012 · Łukasz Bromirski

hardware and software integration...

…how tightly coupled should it be? i can’t help to think about it. i’m writing this post on construction that was defended to his last days by Steve Jobs. according to his belief, only software tightly integrated with software can be effective and predictable. independently of what Steve believed, there are other examples of such thinking in the world. let’s take for an example company i work for - Cisco. most of our solutions are based on software integrated with hardware without ability to add questionable “apps” to the mix....

September 10, 2012 · Łukasz Bromirski

losing all hope was freedom

very interesting experiment (it’s worth looking other from the series!). it basically shows how people react to very tricky move while walking freely on the street. i bet in Poland the behavior observed would be different… or maybe i’m wrong? will you try? :) (by the way, can you point to movie from which title of this post comes from without looking at google?)

July 28, 2012 · Łukasz Bromirski

network neutrality?

i highly recommend this article from Wired. while we have to live with situation where such wealthy people like Kaspersky himself can influence ITU decisions, we still can stand up and work to make internet free and independent. it’s kind of naive of course, but consequences of having too much money and power - frighten me again every day.

July 23, 2012 · Łukasz Bromirski

software defined networking or why openflow is not enough

using our new blogging platform, i just published short piece about just announced onePK. i’m watching live discussions for over two years now about network control capabilities. i was one of those distanced guys when it comes to OpenFlow “explosion” in popularity. and as time did show - I was right. today even hardware vendors suddenly slowed down a bit and distance themselves from new standard versions, and development tempo also falls down....

July 2, 2012 · Łukasz Bromirski

"...or die tryin'" or how failures help us grow

there’s a lot of wisdom in books, presentations and trainings covering “how to achieve success” (however we choose to define it). this can be applied to working with people, managing them - or companies. one of great books helps reader achieve the success by simply structuring it in a simple, three-step program: decide what you want to achieve prepare plan, that will help you achieving what you want execute the plan simple, isn’t it?...

June 30, 2012 · Łukasz Bromirski

switch matrixes and terabits...

i just made a short post describing a bit behavior and characteristics of new Sup720-10GE switching matrix that can be installed in Catalyst 6500 - for cisco-nsp@ folks: In old Sup720 design, the Supervisor itself is connected to the fabric using one channel. This channel is used by Hyperion ASIC to provide for bus interface, and multicast/SPAN features. Because there’s no other way to connect the uplinks on the Sup itself, the Hyperion has it’s interface also terminating the uplinks (2xGE) thus limiting effective throughput/etc....

June 13, 2012 · Łukasz Bromirski


interesting enhancement to transport traffic in HTTP sessions proposed by Google is starting to gain popularity and traction. while i don’t use Chrome browser, in Firefox starting from version 11 you can turn the protocol on (about:config -> network.http.spdy.enable=true). on the server side you should run mod_spdy if you’re running Apache server. it also makes sense to install Firefox extension signalling SPDY work. the end effect? SPDY gets the traffic faster (usually), as multiple sessions are initiated at the same time....

April 9, 2012 · Łukasz Bromirski

15.2(3)T is out, so is IOS-XE 3.6S

…and inside, you’ll find a lot of completely new features overall (MediaTrace 2.0, IPv6 for GETVPN data plane, new IPv6 IP SLA extensions, LISP extensions), or for the first time available on software routing platforms like ISR G2s (BGP PIC Edge and Core, BGP route-server, Multicast Live-Live). everything can be found here. simultaneously, IOS_XE 3.6S came out, along with bunch of features that are catching up with traditional IOS releases - things like CGNAT or hardware support for BFD....

April 3, 2012 · Łukasz Bromirski

ccde the way it should be :)

i’ve had a opportunity today to take the CCDE exam in London again. accompanied by two fellow SEs and one of the engineers working for Cisco Partner in Poland, we’ve took our chances. and it’s definitely better - feedback works. out of 6 scenarios you work only with 4, split statically by 2 for before and after the lunch. questions are more to the point, and there’s less of text to look for information from....

March 29, 2012 · Łukasz Bromirski

mbuf, netmap and switching fabrics

i highly recommend reading this good article about moving network stacks forward. it’s great addendum to network hardware bible. and yes, let’s stop ACTA - we’re not deploying IPv6 just to make our governments to force upon us adoption of poor technical standards. instead of deploying IPv6, fly to stars - we’re drowning in proposals like SOPA, PIPA, ACTA and - generally speaking - attacking each other.

January 21, 2012 · Łukasz Bromirski

FreeBSD 9.0

FreeBSD 9.0 did an unannounced appearance lately. it introduces a bunch of different features, two of which are of great interest to me. firstly, we can select different mechanisms to fight traffic congestion for TCP. to do that, you need to change sysctl net.inet.tcp.cc.algorithm from the list available under net.inet.tcp.cc.available. NewRENO, the default one, works quite OK, but in some specific configurations you can select others and check if they’d behave better....

January 19, 2012 · Łukasz Bromirski

SOPA, PIPA and others...

if you visit Western portals or if you look into English-language wikipedia from time to time, you have noticed a significant protest happening today against the two legal acts US advocates want to introduce. the way it unfolds, leads to strong belief controlling everything and everything (due to - of course - money) is true goal. it presents interesting point of view in a discussion on cloud technologies and their real application - take a look here to get some feeling about scale of the games happening at an international level....

January 18, 2012 · Łukasz Bromirski

world IPv6 day...

a year ago, the idea was to test the wide range of different IPv6 implementations and solutions. this year, we’re gathering together to turn on IPv6 - in the devices, on the portals - and let it be on forever. the idea is World IPv6 launch - worth reading about and obviously joining yourself. cisco is part of the initiative and again the first vendor to join it.

January 17, 2012 · Łukasz Bromirski

simon singh

I just finished reading two books of the author mentioned in the title of the post. Fermat’s Last Theorem Code Book highly recommend reading both of them during break from work :)

December 18, 2011 · Łukasz Bromirski

net neutrality

there’s a lot of discussions around the net neutrality, as obviously the subject is currently still pretty hot. from the one side we have enormous amount of money from advertising business, spend in interesting, devious and - tempting way. from the other side, we have the ideal information society, in which all information are free from filtering, and available for all willing to read. we point to China, Iran or Saudi Arabia as bad examples, filtering all that their citizens can view using the Internet - but we all use google....

December 13, 2011 · Łukasz Bromirski

ccde #2

I’ve took a CCDE practical earlier today, and for the second time I’m pretty clueless how it went, however I have a strong feeling that it was similar to my first take: no go. this time I’ve spent 7 hours, not 5, to do the test, however most of the time I was trying to answer questions based on the small set of information provided. again I’m under strong feeling, that the set of information was not enough to judge on some of the questions, not to mention the effect Russ White describes as “you’d be confused for the whole time”....

October 21, 2011 · Łukasz Bromirski

PLNOG #7 i EURONOG #1 - mission accomplished!

seventh edition of PLNOG just finished, but what’s more - we just did deliver also first edition of new project - EURONOG. during last three days we’ve had a lot of presentations, discussions, Q&A sessions and discussion panels. see you during next conferences!

September 30, 2011 · Łukasz Bromirski

it won't be about politics...

…but about everyone that hates it. i can highly recommend you two Scott Berkun essays: on substantive discussions without attacking people personally on choice - wise one - of president; it needs to be of course aligned to polish political model, but it has wider applicability :)

August 20, 2011 · Łukasz Bromirski

books for summer holidays

all interesting and worth reading. as usual during summer holidays i’ve tried to catch up with my reading queue - it’s been interesting two weeks: rework - great book for every company owner and destined for big things - previous version of the book - getting real can be read online managing humans - of Rands in Repose blog author; a lot of useful observations and tips for dealing with humans in IT world; you can however skip being geek - most of the content can be found either in ‘managing humans’ or in blog; Stephen Greys Operation Snakebite, Gregory Feifers The Great Gamble, Doug Beatties Task Force Helmand and finally Bing Wests No true Glory - bunch of good books about Iraq and Afghanistan; it’s unbelievable how people tend to make the same mistakes even when previous generations documented them very clearly; Metro 2033 and Metro 2034 - great reading, each of them took me just one day and night; Scott Berkuns Myths of Innovation - wonderful; Born standing Up - Steve Martins biography, tells compelling story about Steve himself, but also about world and America; Richard Wisemans 59 seconds - very practical book worth reading and applying to your daily routines - follow up can be found on You’re not so smart blog; well....

August 14, 2011 · Łukasz Bromirski

beautiful fonts

Google sponsored a interesting project some time ago and shared the open font project with community. it’s not a news per se, but today while looking at one of the blogs I’ve browsed through sources and found out about it :D the concept is pretty simple and I recommend you to have a look at it (I’m using them already as you can see).

August 6, 2011 · Łukasz Bromirski