it started in a innocent way - my company W510 started to work slower and slower. as it is very busy usually and i need full performance and every bit of power for daily work, obviously i decided to investigate. Windows 7 x64 installed in a clean and very controller manner, 8GB of RAM available and usually not used in more than 50%. so what’s going on?

Lenovo is using SSD drives of a different size. i have 128GB model. this is Samsung device - and specifically MMCRE28G8MXP-OVBL1. it would be all fine and great, but due to the way Lenovo distributes those drives, they land in your laptop somehow stripped from TRIM feature.

some time ago when i noticed it, i simply sighed and moved on. but todays quick CrystalDiskMark benchmark has shown 45MB/s write performance for sequential data, nad 12MB/s for random. so any operation based on big amount of data (including sleeping and waking up) fallen down to what’s essentially mechanical disk drive speeds (yeah, i know SSD drives win by doing very fast I/O operations but stil… )

you can however take a plunge in internet and you’ll find that Samsung actually gives you ability to use proper firmware. why Lenovo doesn’t do that not only from the box, but at all? performance immediately jumped up, and when i’ll be buying private laptop - won’t look at Lenovo anymore.