altered carbon

another trilogy worth reading, rightly celebrating popularity as part of the (weak, and painfully crippled) Netflix screening.

it consists of Altered Carbon, Broken Angels and Woken Furies. they all cover adventures of a single hero, however because of the “altered carbon” specifics, it’s almost like three different books. Takeshi Kovacs is single character, former Envoy, but given he’s constantly using different bodies, books are fast paced and interesting. ‘broken angels’ keeps ‘altered carbon’ tempo and adds some interesting twists, and ‘woken furies’ in my humble opinion is weakest of all three, but still written well and keeping the level overall.

the books tell story of world of the future, that lives in the shadow of Martian civilization (in fact, its remnants). humanity travels on planets where the Martians have already been (although there is nothing left of them except for the remains, ruins and abandoned ships, including the belt of satellite-guards on the main hero’s home planet). only the last part of the series gives humanity some hope for something more than just watching the sights - but I will not reveal the ending.

the way those books are written reminds me of harry harrisons ‘Bill, the Galactic Hero’ and ‘Stainless Steel Rat’ series. author uses similar, repeating templates (and obviously, ’those moments’ as well). on the other side, it’s not as much visible at first sight to disturb you from the story itself, and is actually executed very skillfully.

highly recommend reading the books, and not watching the poor Netflix adaptation.