I’m not a fan of such ‘solutions’ because they hardly qualify as genuine fixes. however, if you find yourself working in MacOS-heavy environment that’s plagued by radio frequency interference, you’ve probably experienced the erratic behavior of Bluetooth-connected accessories.

on my mega-desk, I have numerous devices scattered about, not to mention the abundance of Macs themselves. as a result, I encounter this issue quite frequently—almost on a daily basis. some might suggest employing various ‘voodoo’ tricks like “quickly disabling and enabling the mouse, which worked for me” or “updating firmware, shutting down awdl0, and then reading a fairy tale to your children.”

fortunately, there’s a simpler and easier method to resolve the problem - just restart bluetoothd. this will trigger a resynchronization with your configured devices and allow it to select less congested channels. following this approach, everything should function smoothly… until the next occurrence, that is.

sudo kill -HUP `pgrep bluetoothd`

of course, you can likely automate this with a script and assign it to a shortcut… but I’m old timer. I prefer terminal ;)