random is… randomized

it should be.

it’s kind of tricky to get right and may feel a bit like an abstract concept. random values should be random (unless you’re talking about Debian randomness).

so, let’s try that - take a cube in hand and throw it three times. what’s the probability that you’ll get three times the same number? small, but there is one.

similar experiment - your friend throws coin ten times, and eight times there’s eagle. is the coin ‘prepared’? no, it just follows very complex process of spinning number of times (yeah, and i know about ‘if you’d like enough time and throw coin so many times…’ - that’s not about it).

today, on one of devices i was working on, i got following message:

Mar  8 10:01:54.929 CET: %UTIL-6-RANDOM: A pseudo-random number was generated twice in succession

is it an error? no, just diagnostic information. random number generator hit the same number twice which may look off, but it really isn’t.

not everything that repeats, must be fake :)