all interesting and worth reading. as usual during summer holidays i’ve tried to catch up with my reading queue - it’s been interesting two weeks:

  • rework - great book for every company owner and destined for big things - previous version of the book - getting real can be read online
  • managing humans - of Rands in Repose blog author; a lot of useful observations and tips for dealing with humans in IT world; you can however skip being geek - most of the content can be found either in ‘managing humans’ or in blog;
  • Stephen Greys Operation Snakebite, Gregory Feifers The Great Gamble, Doug Beatties Task Force Helmand and finally Bing Wests No true Glory - bunch of good books about Iraq and Afghanistan; it’s unbelievable how people tend to make the same mistakes even when previous generations documented them very clearly;
  • Metro 2033 and Metro 2034 - great reading, each of them took me just one day and night;
  • Scott Berkuns Myths of Innovation - wonderful;
  • Born standing Up - Steve Martins biography, tells compelling story about Steve himself, but also about world and America;
  • Richard Wisemans 59 seconds - very practical book worth reading and applying to your daily routines - follow up can be found on You’re not so smart blog;

well. now it is time to get back to OSPF and EIGRP. it seems i failed last CCDE exam :)