blood, sweat and a bad book

I bought it, so you won’t have to.

blood, sweat and pixels’ is book of Jason Schreier - kotaku fame. and to set record straight - it’s very, very bad book.

to further add to insult, one of the chapters is focused on our very own ‘witcher 3’.

let me shorten your torment, and save 30 PLNs by summarizing the diagram that Jason uses to describe the process of creating each of the games:

a few geeks (here is the litany of names, which i believe is incomplete more than once) face a great challenge. crunch. they wonder if they have enough money or if the company that has supported them so far will be able to afford them. crunch. the group is gathering, someone is flying out, crunch, crunch, endgame. there are designers. everything has to be rewritten from scratch, but they take a risk - and with a delay (crunch, crunch) they manage to release the game - and it turns out to be a success.

the author (and polish translator) uses words ‘crunch’ and ’endgame’ quite freely, stuffing them where sometimes a comma would suffice. there are no sensible technological details in the book, and the footnotes are abstract (the piece trying to “explain” difference between RAM and disk capacity is simply disgusting - or maybe this book is for “traditional housewives”?). any piece of technology coverage immediately degrades into some kind of incomprehensible babble.

the only difference between “the witcher” in this book and the other games are some dismal considerations about Poland. author claims he was here, but his knowledge of our seems a bit… off.

I highly recommend - not to buy this. it’s total waste of both time and money.