summer holidays are in full swing - starting from 26th of July i’ll be running Cisco Academy courses at PROIDEA for CCNP. everyone who’s eager to have a good time learning and discussing technologies (way outside of official curriculum) should immediately contact academy reception.

independently of that, we have two large conferences coming.

at Cisco Expo 2008 i will deliver sessions on network architecture that minimizes the chances of becoming a victim of a DDoS attack and becoming part of botnet. i’ll mention attacks over 10Gbps, DDoS “to go”, encrypted p2p and multiple ways to minimize damage - including using our Cisco gear to help.

earlier - in september - i’ll be at PLNOG, as board member, speaker (still, topic has yet to be decided). and after the conference, for two days i’ll be delivering workshops for BGP protocol and MPLS networks.

see you there!