ipv6 - baby steps

everybody talks about IPv6 and still too few of us take it seriously. on polish mailing list dedicated to implementing IPv6 we get steady series of IPv6 prefix announcements, but real services available over this protocol is low.

as a proof of concept for upcoming PLNOG, I just launched full network stack (Cisco 7200VXR with NPE-G1, ASA 5500-X, Catalyst 3750) and service (FreeBSD) for dual stack operation. IPv6 should be preferred, and while there’s still some things to tune down (like for example, DNS resolver in Windows XP), it should work.

[lara ~]$ dig -t aaaa lukasz.bromirski.net

;lukasz.bromirski.net.          IN      AAAA

lukasz.bromirski.net.   85963   IN      CNAME   r2d2.bromirski.net.
r2d2.bromirski.net.     85906   IN      AAAA    2001:470:d067:bad::f00d

bromirski.net.          85906   IN      NS      r2d2.bromirski.net.
bromirski.net.          85906   IN      NS      c3po.bromirski.net.

c3po.bromirski.net.     85906   IN      AAAA    2001:470:d067:bad::254
r2d2.bromirski.net.     85914   IN      A

so… it can be done. in the worst case you can use tunnel brokers - this way you don’t need to ask your SP for IPv6 prefix delegation.