if, like me, you would like to use RbPi 5 and FreeBSD at the same time, simply copying the 13.2/14.0 image to the SD card is not enough.

in addition to the already known one (where rdiskX contains the ID of your SD card/USB key - beware of accidentally overwriting your system drive or another data drive):

$ xz -dc FreeBSD-14.0-RELEASE-arm64-aarch64-RPI.img.xz | sudo dd of=/dev/rdiskX status=progress bs=64M
5368709120 bytes (5369 MB, 5120 MiB) transferred 261.187s, 21 MB/s
320+0 records in
320+0 records out
5368709120 bytes transferred in 261.198115 secs (20554165 bytes/sec)

…you should also then download the code from the Raspberry Pi 5 UEFI project website to the boot partition and overwrite the files placed there by default. check the repository directly first, as by the time you’re reading this, it may have been updated with new releases. below is an example for a card mounted under MacOS in the /Volumes/EFI/ directory (MacOS does not natively support UFS, so by default it will mount only the first partition on the card, which is a partition with the FAT16 file system):

$ wget https://github.com/worproject/rpi5-uefi/releases/download/v0.2/RPi5_UEFI_Release_v0.2.zip
$ unzip RPi5_UEFI_Release_v0.2.zip
$ cp RPI_EFI.fd bcm2712-rpi-5-b.dtb config.txt /Volumes/EFI/

unfortunately, UEFI doesn’t support Ethernet port, GPIO or PWM yet, but it’s a nice start.