I’m not using any wonderful scripts on my website, that would measure your “responsiveness” or encourage you to subscribe to newsletters. I only refer to font files and that’s basically it.

what I am checking every month is from where, how and on which device you’re browsing my pages using goaccess package. thanks to this, I am not tempted to profile you in any way or serve you some customized content and similar “things”.

I was happy to notice that for a few months now, most of you (you - people, because as you can see below goaccess counts bots separately) have been using Firefox and not Chrome and other browsers from a company that once didn’t want to do bad things, but then changed mind:

I’d encourage you to use browsers (and search engines and services and everything) that avoid aggressively tying you to advertisers in every possible form - including services such as CDN (Google’s AMP and Cloudflare), or the so-called “web 3.0” (Brave - I’m looking at you!).

please take care of privacy, support projects that develop solutions supporting privacy and finally - use safe tools!