as I read a lot of books, at some point I decided to share those worth mentioning here. partly so you can see what I’m reading, partly - to have a good summary about those books.

let’s start - over last two weeks I’ve managed to read:

  • How Google tests software - great book for everyone that deals with software development, process optimization or simply building their own company. it demonstrates how important is to get feedback from users, and how hard it is to built whole compliance system right from the beginning. on the other side, the things Google builds and rebuilds - are usually masterpieces
  • Elements of networking style supposedly a classic book, written in very difficult language. it’s worth to read just for the sake of it, but there’s nothing very interesting or suprising inside
  • What If - great book authored by geek. highly recommended!

on top of that, I’ve found recently great company selling stickers - stickermule. if you’re in that kind of things, we have polish startup providing printing services. they’re doing this on t-shirts - TeetBee.