from everything read up to date and noted as worth reading:

  • Think like a freak - great set of anecdotes coming strait from author real experiences. there’s a lot of examples that if you don’t know that something can’t be done - you’ll succeed and amaze people around you. so called “ground truths” are serious problem those days. in most of the cases because people have very shallow knowledge or lack it - so can be easily manipulated.
  • Freakonomics, Superfreakonomics - both good ones, driving such simply yet powerful narrative through our world economy
  • First, break all the rules - interesting one, targeted at people managing other people. a lot of interesting examples, recommendations (4 generic and 12 worth more attention) and a lot of survey results. you could imagine all of that is well known - but it isn’t, believe me. fresh look can save you a lot of problems
  • Dealers of lightning - fascinating story about Xerox PARC. you’ll find a lot of familiar names that extended ideas taken from their time at Xerox, including way of thinking and innovation approach that we could only imagine here in Poland
  • Tankists - “true” history of 1st Armor Bridge. worth reading to understand both context of our popular TV series but also get a clue about how decisions were made on tactical and strategic level during second world war
  • Command & Control - book that mixes narrative of real accident with a lot of background information about nuclear warfare in US. this is accompanied by information about how knowledge and experience shaped operations and helped to avoid errors. it’s worth reading, as nuclear weapons are hard to get right, with a lot of misconceptions.

i’m still fascinated by Fight Club. with quotes like ‘Losing all hope was freedom’ it’s book that should be read couple of times. and think it over.