i posted quite emotional piece some time ago - on real world warriors that really don’t need to do anything more than they already did. despite that, they want more. publicity, fame and to achieve that - they use lies.

it seems even poster hero of US - killed sniper Chris Kyle did a bit of lying himself. and it seems he was even warned specifically against it by his superior - that he can’t make false claims about number of medals he received. despite that, and despite that America is quite open in areas where they shouldn’t probably be so (well, i’m from Poland, and pre-1989 nobody would even thought on getting documentation about discharged soldiers so easily) so checking such claims can be very easy. Chris DD-214 document differs a bit from his book story and obviously, the story Hollywood wants you to believe.

in US, impresonating ex-soldier or lying w/r to received medals and honors is called ’stolen valor’. and unfortunately, it’s quite popular, as post-9/11 for at least some time Americas servicemen and servicewoman were seen as heros in everything they did during fighting with terrorism around the world. right now not so much, although - most of those people did right things, sacrificed a lot with regards to their personal lifes - and sometimes even their lives. but again, even with current, sad state of things, scums are everywhere and they don’t mind. pathological liers, psychopatic deviants, and sometimes just people that can’t make their own life, so they choose to create all of it in a way that better fits their ego and self interest.

Dan Shipley, ex Navy SEAL, is famous for working hard to pick such people up and then tear their lies up. try to look at least some of this videos, they’re hilarious (on one end), and really frustrating on the other. i sympathize fully with people doing various YouTube recordings just to unmask such brazen impersonators. they typically did serve their country, and sometimes lost friends. when faced with such human scums, they can’t help themselves to record such fake “veterans”.