i’ve had a opportunity today to take the CCDE exam in London again. accompanied by two fellow SEs and one of the engineers working for Cisco Partner in Poland, we’ve took our chances.

and it’s definitely better - feedback works. out of 6 scenarios you work only with 4, split statically by 2 for before and after the lunch. questions are more to the point, and there’s less of text to look for information from. there’s less of mistakes as well. finally it’s the exam you can pass, this time however it seems it is more focused on book knowledge not necessarily experience.

four scenarios give you more time and there’s no need to hurry. there’s smaller amount of drawing exercises, but those that are still in will suprise you with ideas… and traps :) you’ll have everything about IGPs, BGP and their interaction when dealing with MPLS. new interface is definitely better and faster to work with, when facing a lot of information coming in.

so, go forth and pass! new dates are to be announced soon, now I can recommend securing it as soon as it’s available :)