this project is still on, but at different IP. please refer to this updated description.

old post below

recent thread on nanog@ list got me back to old project that i was thinking about long time ago.

and here it is - i just launched free-of-charge, load-your-router-with-full-live-bgp-feed service :)

if you’re interested in joining the free project, disregard the information below and jump directly to latest version here


you’re doing this ON YOUR OWN. i’m not responsible for anything on your end and service itself. so if it crashes your router, makes all traffic to follow different paths, or essentially anything that you can’t control - you’re completely on your own.

i may also discontinue “the service” at any time, so don’t expect this to last forever :)

how to get the feed?

things you need to configure on your end to receive full european IPv4 BGP feed to your router:

  • your ASN - 65001
  • my ASN - 65000
  • eBGP multihop session
  • no password
  • version 4
  • my IP -
  • your IP - whatever public IP you have
  • timers - 3600 for hello and 7200 for hold time (very conservative, yes)

also, please don’t send any prefixes my way - i expect to have a lot of existing sessions and i don’t want to tax this small virtualized Cisco CSR 1000v instance with too much CPU work.

example config for Cisco IOS/IOS-XE on your side:

router bgp 65001
 neighbor remote-as 65000
 neighbor description to-luke-bgp-full-feed-router
 neighbor ebgp-multihop 255
 neighbor version 4
 neighbor timers 3600 7200
 neighbor prefix-list DENY-ALL out
ip prefix-list DENY-ALL seq 5 deny le 32

also, on your end, you can optimize a bit TCP stack config with things like:

ip tcp selective-ack
ip tcp window-size 512000
ip tcp path-mtu-discovery

what’s next?

if needed, i can create other instances and/or different VMs - like Cisco IOS XR if that’s really important.

i also consider sending full IPv6 feed if needed, either via IPv4 AF or natively over IPv6 AF.