last couple of weeks were quite hectic. I’m working on rebuilding the BGP blackholing infrastructure (yes, that’s old site, along with old, expired certificate), along with some extras (like AS112 and RPKI services). the job is like 40% done, with scripts completely rewritten in Python, and the ‘only’ part missing being infra (virtualized and not-so-much) and WWW portal.

at the same time, I’ve committed long time ago to new project with failure post-mortem analysis on our which by itself waits for refreshing the underlying infrastructure (this may end up also migrating to Hugo from WordPress).

in the meantime I was forced to act as last-line-of-escalation, refreshing my Python skills and using our SDWAN API to automate some critical infrastructure features our Customer needed. this is some serious fun! I wouldn’t even think about writing something like that even two weeks ago (that it was ‘serious fun’ that is ;) ).

as a result, my book reading habits faltered a bit. now I’m stuck with no real willpower to continue reading anything serious. just catching up with the news on different technology portals and digging down into 5G is enough to completely fill up my free time.

so… a little gem for you, straight from three-letter-agency.