not so long ago as a joke I had a sad vision of what will happen when in the end all our data, including DNA, will be stored in a digital form. the company(-ies) that store them just goes bankrupt and sells them as the most valuable resources. we did it standing in the queue at the airport in Washington, where to get to the US we had to get our photo taken (which was compared with the previous ones) and pass their fingerprints closer to the unidentified governmental agenda created as part of the Bush government’s panic and hysterical movements after the attacks of 11th of September. all of that in the so-called Patriot Act.

on November 10, the EU decided to prepare a framework agreement, SWIFT in under which EU countries would give access to our financial data to the US. if it succeeds (the vote was to take place today, because the first Lisbon Treaty that could make it impossible), we have just taken a decisive step forward. there is a chasm ahead of us.