i’m trying to be friendly, but being introvert has its dark sides :) the best list of my contacts is at LinkedIn.

below you can find the short list of chosen few:

Anna Koterwa: long-time friend, from IRC (and GG) and then in person. her site (always ‘in development’) is here but may be as well somewhere else. her husband is usually doing things that make me shy and little ;)

Karina Szymczuk & Adam Robiński: duo from the good old usenet pl.rec.fantastyka.x-files group. The X-Files fans, great and young;

Andrzej Targosz my dear friend right from the first meetBSD - that gave way to things we created together like PLNOG, my Cisco Academy engagement (I was reluctant to create some time for it by default) and numerous things we created ‘because it would be good to have this’; Andrew is leading Eventory, created PROIDEA and Networkers.pl and on top of that - great and valuable person;

Marek Piotr Stolarski: men that demonstrated me in practice that eating handful of fingersticks (‘paluszki’) in a time below 10 seconds is a challenge of intellect not brute-force; FreeCON and SecureCON organizer. Marek is doing great things while not forgetting about those small ones :)

Dawid Szymański: geek and hacker and probably also a number of other things - in one, noble body. he’s sympathetic and witty.