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when china wants to lead

it’s interesting to see proposal submitted by two “freedom stars” of authoritarian China - Huawei and China Telecom to ITU. on the surface the proposal clearly speaks about future societal needs and development of new, improved technologies that - in the process - would make current IP obsolete. it’s easy to see however that first of all the proposal contains a lot of old ideas that are already implemented (LISP, mobile IP and IPv6 itself just to name a few). Read more →

changing lanes

after last 13 years spent at Cisco Systems Poland, working in the “field” I decided it’s prime time for something new. something, that can challenge me and give back that sense of new adventure. having opportunity to spend all that time with great people, learning a lot and experiencing even more was great fun. I had also went through full country chain - from “simple” Systems Engineer, to Architecture Lead, Systems Engineer Manager, then Regional Sales Manager (driving 2/3rds of country business operations) and finally Country Systems Engineer Manager and CTO. Read more →

april musings

last couple of weeks were quite hectic. I’m working on rebuilding the BGP blackholing infrastructure (yes, that’s old site, along with old, expired certificate), along with some extras (like AS112 and RPKI services). the job is like 40% done, with scripts completely rewritten in Python, and the ‘only’ part missing being infra (virtualized and not-so-much) and WWW portal. at the same time, I’ve committed long time ago to new project with failure post-mortem analysis on our netdesign. Read more →


…this is how you should build lean IT systems. in particular, I like this quote: And the new login system, which MPL launched in February 2015, is remarkable. It is faster and it is cheaper than the old one: The old system responded to requests somewhere between two and 10 long seconds; the new one takes 30 milliseconds, on average. The old login system cost $250 million to build and would have required another $70 million annually to stay online. Read more →

“…or die tryin’” or how failures help us grow

there’s a lot of wisdom in books, presentations and trainings covering “how to achieve success” (however we choose to define it). this can be applied to working with people, managing them - or companies. one of great books helps reader achieve the success by simply structuring it in a simple, three-step program: decide what you want to achieve prepare plan, that will help you achieving what you want execute the plan simple, isn’t it? Read more →

“all your base are belong to us”

not so long ago as a joke I had a sad vision of what will happen when in the end all our data, including DNA, will be stored in a digital form. the company(-ies) that store them just goes bankrupt and sells them as the most valuable resources. we did it standing in the queue at the airport in Washington, where to get to the US we had to get our photo taken (which was compared with the previous ones) and pass their fingerprints closer to the unidentified governmental agenda created as part of the Bush government’s panic and hysterical movements after the attacks of 11th of September. Read more →