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site migration (again)

as it’s probably not hard to notice, i did a site migration. instead of moving to WordPress however (which was original plan), I decided to go in more ambitious path, and deployed Hugo platform, supported by Go… and static page generation (yeah!). Hugo itself supports i18n, so it provides priority functionality, and secondly - this solution frees me from continuous gouging in PHP and SQL :) Read more →


…this is how you should build lean IT systems. in particular, I like this quote: And the new login system, which MPL launched in February 2015, is remarkable. It is faster and it is cheaper than the old one: The old system responded to requests somewhere between two and 10 long seconds; the new one takes 30 milliseconds, on average. The old login system cost $250 million to build and would have required another $70 million annually to stay online. Read more →


…are of course one of the worst and evil habitats in this world. treating passengers like cattle during the entire process of boarding and exiting the plane (let’s not skip the “joyful” stage of buying a ticket, let alone attempting to modify it later) has become - generally - a new standard today. a few months ago I had the opportunity to fly back and forth in Poland on two different days - Monday and Wednesday. Read more →

“i don’t understant, but will critize anyway”…

i’ve stumbled upon an article of Michael Leonard from Juniper. he decided to take a stab at LISP. i usually call such articles with the title of this post, and the article mentioned is all about it. while we’re discussing in open forums with engineers and architects from Juniper, and in most of them we actually do cooperate - including in LISP, which author doesn’t seem to even know about - it’s sad to look at people who believe attacking competition is everything they should do in life. Read more →

network neutrality?

i highly recommend this article from Wired - while we have to live with situation where such wealthy people like Kaspersky himself can influence ITU decisions, we have to have strenght to stand up and work to make internet free and independent. it’s kind of naive of course, but consequences of having too much money and power - scare me again every day. Read more →

net neutrality

there’s a lot of discussions around the net neutrality, as obviously the subject is currently still pretty hot. from the one side we have enormous amount of money from advertising business, spend in interesting, devious and - tempting way. from the other side, we have the ideal information society, in which all information are free from filtering, and available for all willing to read. we point to China, Iran or Saudi Arabia as bad examples, filtering all that their citizens can view using the Internet - but we all use google. Read more →

it won’t be about politics…

…but about everyone that hates it. i can highly recommend you two Scott Berkun essays: on substantive discussions without attacking people personally on choice - wise one - of president; it needs to be of course aligned to polish political model, but it has wider applicability :) Read more →

beautiful fonts

Google sponsored a interesting project some time ago and shared the open font project with community. it’s not a news per se, but today while looking at one of the blogs I’ve browsed through sources and found out about it :D the concept is pretty simple and I recommend you to have a look at it (I’m using them already as you can see). Read more →