Apple, Mac recovery and... AppStore

i had to do a full recovery recently of my sons MacBook and in doing so, i was greeted with rather mysterious message from Apple: the app store download could not start because it has already been downloaded too many times what? after searching (i’m no longer googling) for a while i couldn’t find anything that made sense. after carefully reviewing internet recovery options i finally found a small, but important difference:...

August 26, 2020 · Łukasz Bromirski

apple T2... and new macbook pro

it took me a few hours to figure out the new subtleties. new computers from Apple with a built-in T2 chip (i.e. new iMac Pro and Macbook Pro 2018 edition) have a dedicated operating system protection. what’s the problem? first of all, by default, they can not be booted from an external medium. it’s part of the security that Apple introduced to make it more difficult for a potential hacker....

October 15, 2018 · Łukasz Bromirski

freebsd foundation

we’re nearing end of calendar year. i’d highly recommend to consider donating to FreeBSD project with your own money, if you (like me) are using FreeBSD everywhere, where stability, availability, performance, security and scalability is critical.

December 30, 2010 · Łukasz Bromirski