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ASA 9.2(1)

…supports BGP and it’s already out. do you like BGP on your firewalls? I don’t. should we have the tool in hand, just in case? well, sometimes it’s handy. but going back again - do you like BGP on your firewalls? ;) Read more →

SOPA, PIPA and others…

if you visit Western portals or if you look into English-language wikipedia from time to time, you have noticed a significant protest effect today against the two legal acts that want to introduce in the US advocates of controlling everything and everything (due to - of course - money). it’s casting interesting point of view to a discussion on cloud technologies and their real application - take a look here, showing the outline and range of the games happening at an international level. Read more →

after plnog #4

nie wypada mi komentować prezentacji kolegów z Cisco ani swojej :), ale wartą podkreślenia rzeczą jest uczestnictwo operatorów i integratorów, którzy opowiadali o swoich doświadczeniach - Piotra Strzyżewskiego (platformy open source vs rozwiązania komercyjne), Przemysława Frasunka (sieci CDN) czy Piotra Wojciechowskiego (o NAT-PT). biorąc pod uwagę zainteresowanie i komentarze, właśnie o takie sesje Wam chodziło. następny PLNOG już we wrześniu. zapraszamy! plnog, plnog and… after plnog. it looks like we have actually grown into the most serious and largest independent conference dedicated to people working on service provider networks in Poland - though I’m not going to fight anyone on the number of participants, this additional 100 people on each subsequent edition of PLNOG (in this we counted 395 participants! Read more →