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CCDE 2012::17

nothing to add and nothing to take away - after a lot of frustration I’ve made it. at the same time, I feel the path was needed because I’ve learnt a lot. maybe not about the technology itself, but about the use cases and ‘whys’ of using it. you can listen about CCDE on the upcoming Cisco Forum 2013, and I’ve written about CCDE already. the newest, second version of the exam is simpler and I believe better polished. Read more →

ccde #2

I’ve took a CCDE practical earlier today, and for the second time I’m pretty clueless how it went, however I have a strong feeling that it was similar to my first take: no go. this time I’ve spent 7 hours, not 5, to do the test, however most of the time I was trying to answer questions based on the small set of information provided. again I’m under strong feeling, that the set of information was not enough to judge on some of the questions, not to mention the effect Russ White describes as “you’d be confused for the whole time”. Read more →