aviate, navigate, communicate


books I translated (to Polish) Słownik terminów i skrótów sieciowych, Warszawa 2002, wydanie I, 272 strony, ISBN: 83-7279-251-8 Cisco Secure PIX Firewalls, Warszawa 2002, wydanie I, 340 stron, ISBN: 83-7279-290-9 books I read and recommend (or not) it’s easier now to check the books simply by sorting the posts on this blog via category, but long time ago there were other things to keep your account right. books for network geeks …with the idea, that you should reach each at least once, or have on the bookshelf (virtual in the worst case); it’ll be updated or referencing different lists to have neat and quick way to send you, dear lost networking crusader, to books you should have been reading long time ago. Read more →

madness is not a method

i’m great fan of Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson books. latest one - it doesn’t have to be crazy at work - is a great continuation of the previous pieces. all of them: rework, remote and getting real should be part of ‘must read’ for teams and their managers. the most important in what they write about is that they bring it to life. and they write about all of the important matters - including teams management and organization, the way they work, the ideas that guide them and the lack of ‘corporate bullshit stories’ typical workplaces and companies try to invent just to justify higher purpose. Read more →

wandering earth

Cixin Liu trilogy was excellent. I wrote about it before. the latest collection of stories by the same author … well. it’s a bit worse. I am sad to say that it’s almost like Abelard Giza said in one of his standups - ‘first the original idea, and then total… ‘you know the word’ … (I won’t quote - but it’s about the genesis of the title of his standup ‘people, keep hats’). Read more →

“a ja żem jej powiedziała…”

great book. short but perfect. i will not try to praise and underline my deep knowledge and uderstanding of - Nosowska works. i know her almost exclusively from ‘texan’, and by the way she writes about people like me in one of the chapters about psychotherapists. i did not even knew, that she has a feed on instagram, publishes video - and in general - as a private person. not to mention all of her works. Read more →

z tym arpanetem wcale nie było jak myślicie

was not built for US military. it wasn’t even built to enable survivability of US military infrastructure after nuclear war. there’s a myth in the “internet circles”, that i’m fighting for couple of years already. recently, i was reading great book - Dream Machine. it’s as good as (at least) Dealers of Lightning or 747 - but maybe even better. you probably heard the story already - US gov ordered RAND to check if they could built survivable comms system. Read more →

we are all only metadata

this traditionally short message from NSA signalls intelligence, was everything that was needed to confirm that all US citizens left US embassy Saigon. Saigon changed name to Ho Chi Minh day later, taken over by North Vietnam army. signals intelligence changed significantly from that time, but the book I’m writing about right now was published way before Snowden era. James Bamford Body of secrets describes in amazing details backstage of NSA operations during last 60 years. Read more →

holiday reading

this year my whole summer vacation is a week by the sea. during this week I was able to catch up the last few weeks - books put aside and waiting patiently in their queue. so let’s go faster this time, but through the whole list: Matthew Syed - The black box method - a great book describing the process of correcting errors; it starts with aviation, which over the last decades has led to a dramatic increase in flight safety. Read more →

why i don’t give a fuck

znalazłem po Farnam Street, kolejny ciekawy blog - Marka Mansona. znalazłem dzięki artykułowi The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck. ale po przejrzeniu tego, zrozumiałem, jak zadziwiająco dużo punktów faktycznie dałbym sobie jako poradę te 7 lat temu. warto czytać. i myśleć. Read more →

essentialism #2…

…gave me food for thought. i counted 18 books in different places around my house, that i was trying to read at the same time. today in the morning i decided it doesn’t make any sense, and it’s exactly the opposite approach i should take. so, books landed in stack, into nice queue. i’ll be reading two books at the same time from today onwards - starting with ‘essentialism’ and Pratchetts ‘Raising Steam’. Read more →


…i’m reading right now an interesting book - Essentialism. it beatifully demonstrates how to decide where it is worth to invest your time and energy. and it gives you great framework for doing just that. another theory, you’ll say? well, 37signals, builders of the great web apps announced they’ll… drop all other projects and focus on only one - Basecamp. that’s how you put theory to practice. by the way - i highly recommend all of the 37signals books, they’re great source of proven advices how to build your own business and how to choose paths in life. Read more →

don’t judge decision by results… what?

let me quote book i’m reading now: A quick hypothesis: say one million monkeys speculate on the stock market. They buy and sell stocks like crazy and, of course, completely at random. What happens? After one week, about half of the monkeys will have made a profit and the other half a loss. The ones that made a profit stay; the ones that made a loss you send home. In the second week, one half of the monkeys will still be riding high, while the other half will have made a loss and are sent home. Read more →