about me

my name is Łukasz Bromirski. at my $DAILYJOB I’m responsible for product management in Cisco Security Business Group. this means that while I still help local team, here in Poland, to work with Customers and Partners, I’m focused on Cisco security portfolio. I’m also double CCIE – with Routing & Switching and Service Providers (#15929) and at the same time CCDE 2012::17, which keeps me busy keeping them current.


I’m working on sharing the networking knowledge widely - by driving projects like BGP Blackholing PL, being present on forums like CCIE.pl and others (unfortunately, rarely those days)

I’m also present as a speaker on different conferences - like for example PLNOG (that we created together with Andrzej Targosz), CONFidence and others. obviously primarly those that were organized by Cisco in the first place (like Cisco Forum, Cisco Connect and Cisco Expo) in Poland and abroad, and on Polish CCIE Club meetings, which I’m CEO. i’m also involved in our Cisco NetAcademy work with Anna Czacharowska-Rybkowska.

because I’m not always (never?) ‘the slides guy’, i’m often found doing workshops at different difficulty level. quite recently I’m one of the speakers and instructors for CCIE SP bootcamp as well as CCDE). you can find more here.

OK, and something else?

at the same time I’m trying to exist and make my mark - I have two sons and cats (CATS. CATS ARE NICE.). other than that, i’m interested in Second World War militaria, and from time to time - programming (long, long time ago Z80 and Motorola 65000 assemblers didn’t have anything to hide from me; later on i was working as a C/C++, but recently everything evolves around Python and network automation - Ansible, Chef, Puppet) and obviously in container world - even around Kubernetes.

I’m reading good books, a lot of them - 4 or 5 monthly on average. i did translations long time ago. if you’re interested about my choice of recommended networking books, take a look here.

for couple of reasons I became interested in FreeBSD, switching to it from Linux 1.x/early 2.0 kernels. FreeBSD love stays with me today - if that’s a server, it has to be FreeBSD. if it’s hypervisor - it’s usually VMware ESXi. I also switched from Windows to Mac OS/iOS couple of years ago and again - I can’t really imagine going back.

this is my blog… and only that

as it seems everyone lies about how they track you today in internet and use all kinds of invasive techniques to do it, to monetize and to cheat you about what they actually do, here’s my short statement on what you can expect by visiting my site.

I don’t use any tracking (no cookies) and I’m not using/sharing any statistical data from the site - to nobody. I don’t use any external analytic engines to “improve visibility”, I’m not using external comment engines… nothing. the only external links outbound are fonts (Google and Font Awesome) and CloudFlare (offloading JS script for Hugo engine).

that’s all.

I’m writing for myself and for You and the only tool I’m actually using is goaccess, to generate monthly my visitors report. I can even risk stating that even without visitors, I’ll keep writing and publishing stuff.

and that’s all?

generally, yes. every good beginning has an end.

music that i listen to is listed here. my friends - here and obviously on LinkedIn.

blog and all the content unless otherewise specified is licensed under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0.