about me


my name is Łukasz Bromirski. i'm 37 years old and i'm a double CCIE - for Routing&Switching and Service Providers (#15929). i'm also owner of CCDE 2012::17.

at my $DAYJOB i'm responsible for high-touch sales organization, working with the most important Cisco customers in the country. for the last couple of years i was country systems engineer manager at Cisco Systems Poland and that's when I did get my CCIEs and CCDE.

i'm trying to actively spread the networking knowledge and my personal experience - i'm owner of BGP Blackholing PL, i'm also frequent visitor to CCIE.pl, NetPro PL and usenet. i'm also very happy to be part of various conferences - - CONFidence, PLNOG and EURONOG (i'm co-author and co-organizer for both of them) and of course on the ones organized by Cisco in Poland (Cisco Forum and Cisco Expo). i'm also current president of polish CCIE Club.

i'm also frequent speaker on various other events - for example (net)work or IAESTE. i had also privilege to lead part of the CCNP course at Cisco Networking Academy. as i'm rather technical person, i engage in the hands-on activities a lot. for example, i authored and then delivered a number of times CCIE R&S bootcamp and SP bootcamp workshops for Partners and customers.

i spent my previous life was at Telecommunication Department at Agora S.A., then at PPW Protechnika Systemy, and just before Cisco as network engineer at Tech Data Polska.

so as you see, networks and telecommunication seems to be my major focus :) i'm trying to live however, pretty normally - i have two sons, two cats (CATS, CATS ARE NICE). i'm interested in a number of subjects, more or less freakish. the computer networking is already covered (here's a old photo of my 19" rack next to my desk at home), apart from that - network security, number of military subjects (including II WW history, and modern military aviation), and programming (however i wrote the last piece of code so long ago I barely remember the fact - but on the other side, working Perl and C/C++ knowledge is handy in a lot of situations).

i read a lot of good books, but I spent most of the time with such ones. i had a moment in my life in which I've worked as a translator. if, for some reason, you'd like my recommendation on the networking books out there, take a look here.

i'm listening to quite broad selection of music, i like good movies, i also have many physical friends in our virtualized world.

i went into FreeBSD some time ago, after escaping from early versions of Linux. this is the current state, however sometimes my FreeBSD boxes run on top of VMWare ESX :) my last change was recently, switching from my corporate Lenovo laptop to MacBookPro - and so obviously MacOSX with all of pros and cons, but i'm more than happy with this switch.

feel free to visit the site, in case of problems/questions please try to reach my using e-mail.