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SDN Affinity

thanks to Robert Pająk I’ve had a opportunity recently to speak at fall edition of Akamai Affinity. as the request was to cover the networking side of innovation, I did. in November last year to be exact.

quite recently we’ve released news about our 400Gbit/s switch and on the just finishing Cisco Live! at Barcelona we’ve demonstrated for the first time ACI evolution - ACI Anywhere. ACI evolves to bridge hardware and software worlds in even flexible ways, and its latest release enables the whole set of functions with pure software solutions (aka ‘cloud’).

back in November I couldn’t even mention those news, but it seems everything goes this path - world ‘here’ (own infrastructure, understood as hardware, hardware+software or software only) vs world ‘there’ (essentially, a pure service of its own) is loosing meaning. in race to optimize costs we’re close to extreme. security would be major hard line, but as we know exactly and painfully already it is no longer real and done in race for the money. digitally oriented architectures, like Cisco DNA family, which consists of Cisco ACI, Cisco SDA and Cisco SDWAN) are key enablers in making sure user and services segmentation is real, and access controlled in a way imagined by builders, or administrators. one of the ways you can migrate old, legacy solution to this new, intent-driven one is by use of one of the migration models.

that’s great for greenfields, but what about brownfields?

we’ll learn soon enough. stay tuned ;)