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IPv6 for WOŚP - summary

while the experiment was a success, effects were rather modest :)

during the entire 9th, if we drop connections from bots of University of Pennsylvania (greetings!) and China (really interesting URL mangling techniques), we’ve had 20 unique users doing 1145 sessions. during night after great finale additional 80 users came in, and session counter increased to over 4500. i definitely didn’t do good job of marketing IPv6 availability for WOŚP, or IPv6 geeks were far away from IPv6-enabled internet that day.

for next year i’m planning to do things in the proper way - there should be AAAA record also for main “www” record, which should bring a lot more IPv6 bound traffic.

just for comparisions - from early morning hours of 9th of January until midnight that day, we’ve had 4000 connections per second for IPv4. we’ve been capable of handling up to 10Gbps in the front-end layer, but the real traffic was much lower. we’ve had great weather and it contributed probably to less people doing internet browsing and refreshing. having said that - we’ve had a lot of people coming in over mobile connections, and some people trying to… check what’s inside without proper authorization :D

i’d like to thank ATMAN for providing internet connectivity and colocation facilities, and NOC team for answering and helping with some crazy questions and asks during the Finale :)